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#NP “The fears and passing joys of the world pouring in through mouth, nose, eyes and ears. React against what we cannot stand: the co­opted postures all over the land. Here now with the contradictory mix of the blissful, the panicked the paranoid that thrives place to place. Drowning us. Veins, organs and mind are filled until we blur into these cities and skies and our reactions fade away.

A positive assertion is staked and I see that this is no longer a part of me.”

Call Super’s debut album: Suzi Ecto Pre-order:


© Nobuyoshi Araki

"Every night, Mojo would do his Mothership spiel encouraging listeners to flash their headlights or bedroom lamp so that the intergalactic craft would know where to touchdown. (…) This guy would just overpower you with his imagination. You became entranced by radio."

Simon Reynolds, Energy Flash


Tumblr na We Heart It.

"Organiser musicalement le temps, c’est le transcender." 

Boris de Schloezer

"TAIPEI", Tao Lin

"Each and every DJ is a walking radio station transmitting his own style. You just have to be open to different frequencies." 

DJ Spooky, Rhythm Science

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